Rosedale, Maryland: The Mallow Bar

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Feeling for something different? Hmmh that sounds good, but what? What could you try?  Well, MCCN has a suggestion for you that is sweet, different, and oh so good! Mallow Munchies (now called Mallow Crunchies) is just the ticket.

Mallow what?Mallow Crunchies* are a delightful spin on rice crispy treats. I discovered these delicious little savories when I went to the Health Care for the Homeless Chocolate Affair in 2010 and boy-oh-boy was I surprised at how delicious it was. Mallow Crunchies owner, Nikki Lewis, and her husband were working together handing out the snacks, and let’s just say my “sampling” was downright embarassing, yet I had no shame. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought Nikki Lewis’ treat  was on the money; they were voted “Baltimore’s Best Sweet Snack” in 2010, by Baltimore Magazine.

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