A Spot of Tea: The T Room in Montrose, CA

outdoor TroomThe T Room in Montrose is a nice little option.  The quaint tea room with a décor which rings of spring is located on the main street of Honolulu Ave.  The family run business opened in the spring of 2006 but the tradition of the tea room is a multi-decade business for the mother and daughter team of owners, Esmerelda Khachatrian and Marianna Kotcharian.  Moreover, the family affair does end with mom and daughter.  Taught by Khachatrian, her cousin Margo works as the chef preparing sumptuous finger sandwiches and desserts.

The T Room is open 7 days a week and is prone to busy any day of the week.  Margo is likely to greet you with a warm welcome between keeping her eye on the bevy of treats baking.  There are a wide variety of teas from various regions of the world including Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Japan, Sri-Lanka, India and England. The tea is served in lovely tea cups made of china.  Have a go at the tea with cream as the English do or without.  Of course, trying the tea pure without sugar or artificial sweeteners allows for a pure taste of the tea.

The afternoon high tea is a pleasurable experience.   It includes pastries,

Photo by Multi Cultural Cooking Network

scones, finger sandwiches, fruit and a pot of the tea of your choice.  The fruit may include berries, strawberries, green and red grapes.  All the choices of finger sandwiches are delectable.  The varieties offered are traditional English cucumber with chives, Norwegian salmon, smoked egg salad and chicken lingonberry.  First time customer Charlotte Smith was overwhelmed by the amount of “carbs” but she loved every minute of eating it.  Her favorite sandwiches were the chicken lingonberry and smoked egg salad.  All the petite sized desserts and plentiful sized scones are freshly prepared.  Don’t miss out on divine Devonshire cream which come alongside the scones and preserves on second tier of the three tiered tower of goodies.

Photo by Multi Cultural Cooking Network

Simply dropping in for a cup of tea at the T Room would be a welcome change from the routine beverage consumption at the ever expanding green lettered coffee chain sweeping country.  Yes, coffee is offered as well but one will not hear the consistent sound of grinding or view an ocean of laptops.  The T Room is an inconspicuous retreat from a main street and hurried world.  Gatherings can be held inside or the outside patio which seats about 30 to 40.  The inside is Victorian with chandeliers, large French windows and high ceilings.  The walls are a lovely shade soothing shade of green.  The interior design was done by Khatratrian.  Reservations should be made.  There is ample parking across the street. These wonderful tastes of the T Room are not limited to dining in the facility. Catering services are also offered. The T Room is located at 2405 Honolulu Ave., Montrose.

*Originally written by Crystal A. Johnson for the The Foothills Paper

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