Tell me something about Russian borsch

Main ingredient in Russian borsch

Main ingredient in Russian borsch

When you are talking Russian cuisine, the conversation must include soup. It is indeed a comfort food that has lasted the test of time. A very popular soup in Russia, although the Ukraine stakes its claim to the origins, is a beet root soup called borsch/borscht.

A truly hearty meal, its popularity is not contained just to the Ukraine and Russia. In fact, Poland, Lithuania, Romania – all of Eastern Europe prepares some version of borsch. Prepared either hot or cold, borsch has many different incarnations, but it is traditionally prepared from beets and cabbage (sometimes served with a dollop of sour cream).

Borsch was more of a common man’s meal, primarily eaten by the lower class. Those who were able to afford the extra expense used broths made from meat, fish, mushrooms, or smoked sausages, while the very poor solely used vegetables. The main ingredient (beets) were not very expensive.  All borsch recipes are slowly simmered and are served with garlic buns, pancakes, or some sort of black bread.

See a recipe for Russian Borsch here.

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