Memphis at the Beach Cafe- A Comfort Food Spot Bringing Fine Dining with Soul to The Beach

memphis at the beach

by Crystal A. Johnson – Los Angeles Examiner Comfort Food & Soul Food Restaurant Critic

A group of Manhattan Beach locals claim they are “…Bringing a little bit of Soul to the beach”, by partnering with Memphis Group to bring Memphis at the Beach Café. The Memphis Group has been around since 1995 and started with a small spot located in Costa Mesa. The Memphis at Beach Cafe take on the franchise is a large venue and very cosmopolitan. The Manhattan Beach location is known as the former post office to locals, situated on the corner of bustling Manhattan Ave. The streets are lined with a plethora of restaurants. Memphis at the Beach is no more than a block from beach and it’s pier. The outside of the restaurant features beautiful shades of blue and green glass surrounded by lush green organic faux grass with interiors warmed with eco-friendly high design furniture. The windows are large and the lighting is enticing to those who pass by.

None of the upscale trendy aesthetics scream Memphis or soul but once you sit down, see the families dining together, and  recieve a serving of cornbread then a sense of comfort comes over you. My dining companion and I quite enjoy the cornbread served with delicious honey barbecue butter. Being the child of Southern parents, I can guarantee that I know good cornbread. Before sampling the main course entrees, a pecan crusted goat cheese salad is served. It consists of arugula, beets, and yam chips with roasted garlic buttermilk vinaigrette. We are impressed with the plating of the salad and not once does the plating disappoint.

(We’re just getting to the good part- Read more at the link below)

Memphis at the Beach Cafe- A Comfort Food Spot Bringing Fine Dining with Soul to The Beach

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