About Haitian Food

The food of Haiti is a great example of how a multitude of influences can combine to form an incredibly unified and coherent national cuisine.


It is not easy to imagine Haiti, a poor country, has so much to offer to the rest of the world when it comes to food. If you ever have the chance to taste and learn about Haitian food, however,  you would be able to appreciate the fine cuisine of the Haitians and fall in love with Haitian food  the same way many have so far.

Haitian cooking, whether French or Creole, ranks with the best in the Caribbean. The Haitians are best known for their Creole dishes, which mix French, African and traditional Haitian elements. 




Haitian food is a mixture of African, American Indian, Arabic and French food. However, if you look at Creole cuisine in Louisiana and other parts of the South of the United States, you will see a large influence of Haitian cuisine. The Haitian diet is high in carbohydrates and fat. The main elements of the Haitian diet are corn, cassava, millet, rice and fruit. Tropical fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, oranges and grapefruit are plentiful


See Recipe for Fried Pork: Haitian Griot


For more info visit : http://www.haitidirectory.com/haitian_food.htm

2 thoughts on “About Haitian Food

  1. My family is Haitian, and our food doesn’t look like that picture…we have a rich flavorful cuisine, consist of main ingredients of beef, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, lobster, rice,yams, sweet white potato, yucca,hericotverts , dried mushrooms,lettuce,tomatoes; red,white and black bean sauces even green pea sauce… for flavorful jasmine rice that we use alot of. Fresh boiled plantain with almost every entree. We bake, grill, boil and fry our plantains and fish, even stewed in tomato base sauces, usually spicy with our favorite scotch bonnet peppers. We love tropical fruits: mango, papaya, passion fruit. We drink papaya shakes, drink passion fruit juice, drink fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with vanilla or almond extract. I believe a little bit more knowledge should have been done on this blog entree on Haitian cuisine. Haiti, has poor and rich parts, black, brown, white, African, Asian and European people with great influences on the cuisine intertwined with country and city cuisine…

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