Haitian-American Actress Opts for a Healthy Organic Diet for Her Sons

garcelle-nilon-with family

(Haitian-American Actress Garcelle Beauvais Nilon with Husband and children)

Garcelle admits that while her husband Mike Nilon, son Oliver and herself do not eat organic foods, she is determined to have her twins on a healthy, organic, diet. Growing up eating fresh foods and being conscious of the earth, the actress — who credits her family as “the best part of me” — hopes that her sons “will only know about helping our planet because that’s how they will be raised.” As the babies chow down on their special foods, the rest of the family is not left out as they are privy to Garcelle’s family-style cooking! “I cook almost every day, all kinds of yummy foods, from lasagna, to baked chicken, pork chops, rice and beans…you name it,” reveals the proud mama.

*Article is excerpt from the Insider

2 thoughts on “Haitian-American Actress Opts for a Healthy Organic Diet for Her Sons

  1. I wish more people were like Mr. George Clooney. What he has done to help the Haitian people is just amazing. So many of the Hollywood celebrities are just phonies looking for publicity. George is one of the true greats.

  2. Thank you so much for this interview, I am Haitian American and there is not enough Haitian women that lead the example of a healthy lifestyle. I just got certified as a Personal Trainer and this is the inspiration I needed in my life right now to practice and preach to more women to eat well. Especially organically.

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