Pink Flamingo to Return to the Front of Cafe Hon

Some people may think the brew ha ha about the pink flamingo in front of Cafe Hon is much ado about nothing but this story about the the popular restaurant has been leading news in Baltimore for weeks.  Here is the update:

The large pink flamingo outside Cafe Hon in Hampden will return to its home.

City officials and the owner of the restaurant on The Avenue on Tuesday morning announced an agreement that allows the pink bird, made of bedsheets and wire, to return to its spot atop Cafe Hon’s fire escape, where it had been for the past seven years. Owner Denise Whiting said she will pay a reduced annual fee instead of the $800 officials had ordered her to pay for a “minor privilege” permit, most commonly used by businesses whose tables and benches encroach on sidewalks.

In exchange for Whiting agreeing to pay the fee and dropping her public protest, which culminated Tuesday morning with a rally outside City Hall, Mayor Sheila Dixon said the city will put a sign on Interstate 83 alerting travelers to Hampden in order to help the small businesses along 36th Street. The sign will be similar to ones advertising the Maryland Zoo, the Inner Harbor and the city’s sports stadiums.

pink flamingo at cafe hon



See more in the Baltimore Sun article:,0,7103502.story

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