Japanese/Mexican Fusion: Intriguing and Tasty



Mexican-Sushi Roll

It’s always interesting when two cultures merge and create interesting and delicious cuisine. Although seemingly strange at first, the concept of mexican-sushi is not so far fetched. Both cultures adore fresh seafood dishes, spicy toppings and fun textures. It actually makes a lot of sense to take a new twist on the rolled food.

What makes Japanese food so appealing to different cultures is its ability to assimilate into local fare. Futomaki is a type of roll that utilizes four different ingredients that do not have to include sushi. What is usually standard for the roll is that it is quite fat.

In the major cities throughout Mexico it is not surprising to see many different cultural restaurants. Besides offering a change from the ordinary for locals, it offers a taste of home for visitors from other countries and expatriates living in Mexico. The Nissan plant in Aguascalientes increases the rate of Japanese residents to 2% in that state. It makes sense for Mexican restaurateurs to offer indulges to many palates.

The popular Mexican roll is finding its way into many sushi restaurants around the world. The roll usually contains a tempura shrimp and some type of salsa or spicy sauce. Tomatoes, avocado and nopales are also sometimes added.

Just as in art, music and fashion, a mixing of cultures usually creates some amazing culinary creations. When in Mexico, take a walk on the wild side and give some Japanese/mexican food a try.



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