Colombian Food Traditions and Festivals

Colombian people have a wide range of festivals, carnivals, national holidays and rituals, which all imply culinary traditions. The national day of Colombia is celebrated on the 20th of July, representing the Day of Independence, which was gained in 1810. On this special day, Colombian families serve the traditional beans and corn meals, together with Beef dishes on family dinners and feasts. Other fiestas include Epiphany, celebrated on the 6th of January, Battle of Boyaca in August, the catholic All Saint’s Day in November, Christmas and Immaculate Conception Day in December. On festivities, there is the Latin tradition of cacao drinking. The recipe of cacao includes ground chocolate, corn, lima beans and anise. Colombian people enjoy celebrating and expressing themselves in carnivals and festivals: Barranquilla`s Carnival, Green Moon Festival, Bogotá’s Carnival, Joropo National Festival and others are great celebrations. During Mainzales Fair (Feria de Mainzales), which is celebrated in the city with the same name, a queen of coffee is selected to represent Colombia’s most valuable product. The Colombian culture also includes, like many other Latin cultures (like Mexicans), a special dace and ritual dedicated to corn, as this used to be for centuries a basic aliment: there were ancient agricultural rituals which was transformed into cyclic festivities and catholic celebrations.

Columbian women


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