Setting The Table: More than Meets the Eye

Beautiful table setting

A beautiful table sets a mood. Having grown up eating my holiday dinners at a set table with silver,  China or the best dishes we had, I was taken by surprise the very first time I was passed a paper plate on my first Thanksgiving away from home while attending college.  Moreover, my pupils dialated when I saw an assembly line form to collect our ration and retreat to whatever corner of the house pleased a person.  This is the story of many households.  Sadly, even my family has taken to increasing societal way of making life easy with paper or disposable plastic.  I have been accused of being a snob in regards to this subject.   However, table setting for me is much more than a tradition but an intimate experience.  It reflects that one has taken the time to make your dining experience not only enriched by the eating of food but made provisions for a festive, elegant or warm environment.  Setting the table can be seen as a formality but look closer and you may recognize the gift of one’s self poured over the table.- by Crystal A. Johnson


Happy Holidays from the staff at MCCN!

2 thoughts on “Setting The Table: More than Meets the Eye

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