Thanksgiving: A Good Time to Give Back to Community

Thanksgiving is a time of year when many people choose to give back to their community and donate to charitable causes. Because traditional Thanksgiving celebrations involve large family feasts, many charities that are popular around the holiday season are those that gather donated food for low-income families who cannot afford a Thanksgiving dinner. Additional charitable options include donating time by working in a soup kitchen, or simply donating money to a charity.

  • Fast Facts

    1. Food drives often require canned food (no glass or perishables) Manna Food Bank: Food Drive Basics1
    2. The End Hunger Network teams up with celebrities and the entertainment industry to fight hunger among children
    3. 40,000 children die of hunger every day across the globeEnd Hunger Network: Our Mission2
    4. America’s Second Harvest includes over 200 food banks in all 50 statesAmerica’s Second Harvest: About Us3
    5. Studies have shown that volunteering can contribute to a longer, healthier
  • michael-lohan-thanksgiving-dinner

    (Mike Lohan (Lindsey’s dad) serving at a New York City Mission)


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