Classic Baltimore Dining: Mt. Washington Tavern

Fine Foods, Beverages & Conviviality……..

Mt. Washington Tavern

It was quite a few years ago now that a likeable and somewhat courageous group of people set out to create the best original restaurant they knew how.  The Mt. Washington Tavern quickly became a comfortable neighborhood eatery; a common for debate and chatter at day’s end, and the proper environment for those special lunches, dinners and late night suppings.

Now in our 30th year, there is great pride in our growing reputation for great homemade food, inventive chefs, heavy handed bartenders, and an atmosphere that makes you happy to be in Baltimore.

Our interior decor and multiple motifs reflect the pride that we have in our city and the escapist destination dining that you seek in a night on the town.  The prints, paintings, and engravings on the walls were all carefully selected to create a Baltimore ambiance.  Painted by Carol Offutt, the mural on the West wall depicts the old club house that stood at Pimlico Race Course, which, before it was destroyed by fire in 1966, was one of the most cherished landmarks in all of American racing.  The chandeliers that hang over the bar date from 1889 and originally hung in the lobby of the old Gayiety Theatre on East Baltimore St.  Even our antique wooden telephone booth is a relic from a famous downtown drugstore.  The etched windows between the Front and Raw Bars feature scenes particularly relevant to Baltimore and its heritage.

*The Building has been declared a historic landmark.

*Food Note-It’s Baltimore, Crabcakes are on the menu.

There was a fire in 2011. The restaurant will re-open in November 2012




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