The Multi-Cultural Johnny Depp: People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2009

MCCN thought we would recognize Johnny’s Depp’s honor as sexiest man alive by People Magazine in our own way.  Known as dark and handsome, wherever do those dark good looks come from you may have wondered.   Also what does the celebrity with the appetizing good looks find appetizing?  We did some investigating and according to, Depp says, “his favorites include: Pork, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mexican Food and “cheap” chocolate. He is a connoisseur of fine wines and a self-described lover of “fast-food”.



German, Irish, French, African and Cherokee

The star of Pirates of the Caribbean is of German, Irish and Cherokee Indian ancestry. His Great grandmother is said to be a full-blooded Cherokee.

From an interview in 2002 he stated that he was a mixture of these three ethnic groups and possibly more. There are some rumors on the internet that Depp also has Lebanese heritage, though this is not confirmed.

Some of Depp’s biographies state that his family name Depp is of French origin, derived from the names Pierre Deppe or Dieppe.

The link below shows a family tree on Depp’s father’s side that leads right up to his grandfather Oren Laramore Depp.  If you go back 9 generations on this family tree it will lead to a woman named Martha, born in 1612, who was an African-American woman.

To check Johnny Depp Family tree and info about the ethnicities of other celebs at :

6 thoughts on “The Multi-Cultural Johnny Depp: People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2009

    • I absolutely agree with you. Here, at MCCN we celebrate and acknowledge culture through cooking, recipes, food history, cultural tradition and through pop cultures. We also find that many celebrities share about their roots without prompting when it comes to food. It seems this article is striking a chord and invoking something among people. Although you are aware of the fact that many people are mixed with something not everyone is enlightened about identity transcending skin color or accept that fact. Thanks for replying.- Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor

    • Black is beautiful thats the big deal! Chocolate mixed with some cream is delicious. Anyhow I think Johnny Depp is a superb actor.

  1. i have always been crazy about johnny depp.the black ethnic back round of his family is 9 generations who really cares at this point unless it is a medical problem HE IS STILL SEXYIEST MAN ALIVE & HIS CHILDREN & PARTNER ARE LUCKY TO HAVE HIM

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