Phyllo Wrapped Asparagus With Wine Herb Sauce


  • -1 cup heavy cream
    -One bunch asparagus
    -One package Phyllo dough
    -2 tbsp thyme
    -2 tbsp savory
    -2 cups white wine
    -4 tbsp butter
    -Quick release spray
    -Olive oil


Salt and Pepper
-One large sheet pan
-One medium saucepan
-One balloon whisk
-Serving bowl

Preheating 375°

Brush asparagus with olive oil
Heat medium saucepan
Add wine, savory, thyme, and butter
Add asparagus and poach for 5 minutes
Remove asparagus and set aside
Reduce wine by half
Season asparagus with salt and pepper
Wrap three stalks of asparagus with Phyllo
Spray in large sheet pan with release spray
Lay wrapped asparagus on sheet pan
Bake until Phyllo is golden brown

For service
Arrange wrapped asparagus on plate
And sauce to a bowl

For More Recipes visit Chef Jay Jones at :


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