Zoe Saldana: Her Color Doesn’t Make Her Blue

In the hit film Avatar, Zoe Saldana is the color blue.  No sooner than the film, premiered the world wanted to know more about the lead female warrior character in the James Cameron film.  People are learning that the talented actress, Saldana is Afro-Latina.  Born and reared in the United States until she was 10 years old, her  multi-cultural heritage includes her father being of Domincan descent and her mother Puerto Rican.  She lived in the Dominican Republic until age 17.  Believe it or not, some parts of the world are not aware of the Afro Latino or the identity of  the Latino image bearing Black skin too.  It is great that Zoe’s success is shedding more light on culture.  What is also exciting is seeing her land a role in the film Colombiana as the lead.  It makes a strong statement about the star power she brings despite many Latin American countries still struggle with Black as Beautiful in their heirarchal scale.  Saldana embraces her physical identity as Black and her culture as Latin.  She never let Hollywood’s typical ideal leading lady concept be a hurdle for her.  She has simply jumped over the hurdles.

What do  Zoe and co-star Michelle Rodriguez have in common? Find out at: http://www.multiculturalcookingnetwork.com/component/k2/item/113-the-other-latina-star-of-avatar-michelle-rodriguez.html

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16 thoughts on “Zoe Saldana: Her Color Doesn’t Make Her Blue

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  2. I can’t help but to wonder if this leading charactor had not been a computerized blue charactorization would an Afro-Latina still have won the lead role? I certainly hope so but I wouldn’t bet on it unless Tyler Perry or Spike Lee were the Directors. We really haven’t come very far have we?

  3. @Linda – so what you’re really saying is that Perry and Lee ARE racist because they ONLY employee Blacks???

    Cameron choose the actors for this role because…
    1 – they were cheap
    2 – they were available for the duration of filming requirements
    3 – they were reasonable unknowns
    4 – he liked their previous works


    Most people HAVE come far and don’t even see skin color!! Its just those that go around constantly looking FOR skin color that have NOT come far.

  4. I have to applaud everyone involved with making this movie. I just performed a search on the voices of the Avatar characters for this movie on Google and I have found more blogs speaking of racism and cultural hoopla than I EVER cared to hear about in such a movie. How do you portray an alien indigenous culture? Like the this movie did. In a manner that people can connect to and understand. Given the Avatar language, how can anyone judge what their accent should be when they spoke English? Something to think about in case you are thinking about starting one of those controversial blogs with really no point but to cause conflict. I thought that Zoe did an outstanding job. Throughout the movie you could understand her tones and mentality that really described her character in every way. If she can act like she speaks, I look forward to watching more productions with her.

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