Kwanzaa: Remembering Who Paved the Way

Kwanzaa is celebrated among many African Americans.  Please check our Food history section at to learn more about the celebration.  The video from the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Event covered by is an excellent piece featuring numerous celebs recognizing the achievements of Diane Carroll, Halle Berry and Taraji P. Henson.  Others speak to the issue of accepting the responsibility of being a role model.  Look To The Stars talks to Tatyana Ali, Bill Duke, Tyrese Gibson, Tichina Arnold, Laila Ali, Taraji P. Henson, Audra McDonald and Quincy Jones about inspirational black women in Hollywood.  Enjoy this video which celebrates African American culture and achievement.

The event was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  See the delicious foods which the Beverly Hills has to offer(YWCA Ball):

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America

2 thoughts on “Kwanzaa: Remembering Who Paved the Way

  1. As an African- American woman, I know that there are so many positive role models for me to emulate and inspire me to reach my full potential but it is very nice to see more VISIBLE African-American of ALL SHADES doing their thing! We are all sistas and can learn from one another:-)

  2. Growing up in the fifties there were no african-americans to emulate on t.v. I’m just grateful that I had two parents to look up to. And there were many other’s in the black communities as well. Truly that time was a village looking after the children. So, you had people from the school-crossing guard,mom-pop stores and what have you. This is a wonderful time to be african-american. You can see what tremendous strides we have made.

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