Exquisite Sushi Dining at Hana Sushi

MCCN visits Westwood, CA’s popular restaurant Hana Sushi located on Wilshire Blvd, a place where you may see anyone from Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas to legendary crooner Johnny Mathis.  However, folks like Mathis are not just coming for the cuisine.  On Wednesday’s a pole dancing event is held.  Don’t worry, the clothes stay on but the provocative dance moves are on and poppin.  Needless to say, Wednesday is not what most would consider family night out at Hana Sushi.  The restaurant owner describes the pole dancing  as exercise and a fun activity but it is certainly a matter of opinion. 


 The executive chef is a culinary master of presentation and delectable cuisine.   

Food of the evening would include Spanish Mackerel,halibut sashimi,  tuna wasabi, sea urchin, Chilean sea bass, and other sushi/rolls.  The hot and tender Chilean sea bass was the winning dish of the night.  The Spanish Mackerel has a wonderful lime accents.   My dining companion and I enjoyed sake to compliment our meals.  The chef concluded our evening with an extraordinary banana dessert modeled after the sushi roll.   Hana Sushi has restaurants locations in New York, Arizona, and New Orléans. 

Review by Crystal A. Johnson- Restaurant Critic for the Los Angles Examiner and the Valley Scene Magazine

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