Online Wine Magazine’s Innovative Fundraiser for Haiti

Photo Credit: Washington Post

The longtime online wine magazine, The 30 Second Wine Adviser has stepped up with an innovate catlyst to inspire their readers to get involved with efforts to help Haiti.  -Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor  

WLDG Haitian Relief Fundraiser: Raffle of Bordeaux, etc” to learn how we’re using fine wine as an added incentive to do what you were already likely to do: help out in Haiti through a contribution to the legitimate international charity-relief organization of your choice.

In brief, participation will be limited to 100 entrants. Begin by making a donation of at least $30 to a charity doing work directly in Haiti. Then read the forum fund-raiser discussion for details on reporting your contribution, which enters you in a raffle for various wines contributed by forum members. (You are also welcome to contribute wines for the raffle, although we’re not a non-profit organization and can’t offer a tax deduction.)

Contributors need not provide personal information other than your name and proof of your contribution. If you win a wine prize (numbers will be chosen by an intriguing random technique described in the forum discussion), it will be up to you and the donor of that wine to make arrangements for its delivery.

Here’s a list of worthy organizations we know to be mustering relief efforts in Haiti. Feel free to choose other appropriate recipients if you prefer, as long as the organization is currently, actively involved in Haitian relief.

* Doctors Without Borders/Medecins sans frontières
* American Red Cross
* Partners in Health
* Catholic Relief Services
* American Jewish World Service
* Episcopal Relief & Development

As the organizer of this initiative put it, “This is just a way to spur all of us with good intentions to do what we know we should do. Let’s have a little fun and help those in tremendous need. May the best man or woman win the best wine!”

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