The American Culture of Drinking Sports Drinks


The sports drink has certainly become a part of American culture.  We have come to expect to see some green or orange beverage poured over the winning coach.   There is a great article written by the Minneapolis Cardio Examiner Steven Pease called Should You Drink Sports Drinks.   See Below:

Sports drinks are a big business in America. Last year Americans spent $5.4 billion on sports drinks. Are they a gimmick or something you need? People feel better drinking what their favorite major athletes drink. Sports drinks have benefits in some situations, but are not the best choice for most people. Water is best for hydrating your body.

Keeping your body hydrated while exercising is the most important reason to drink fluids. If your hydration levels fall 10%, you will see a decrease in performance. If it falls more, you will see significant drop in performance levels. Water is the best fluid to keep you hydrated for most people doing most exercises.

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