Dark Dining(Dining in the Dark) Experience

Bruce Springsteen coined the term “Dancing in the Dark” in the 80’s but “Dining in the Dark”  is the new rage in this millenium.  In the new Disney Touchstone film When in Rome there is a depiction of dining in the dark(Dark Dining) experience between Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel.   The film pokes a little fun at Dark Dining.  See the When in Rome Clip. This concept was not a simple figment of the writers imagination.  It is a happening culinary sensation happening in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more.

Edible Manhattan Magazine says of Camaje restaurant in New York, “Three years ago Dana Slisbury approached Chef Abigail Hitchcock who was open – ‘I like to do different things’. Her cooking is like anything you’d want to encounter in the dark: familiar, appealing, with a sense of expansive possibility. Without the visual, aroma and texture become her focus.”  

On Fridays and Saturday these events are happening at the V Lounge in Santa Monica, CA.    Blind servers do the serving in a pitch dark dining room.  Visit  this website for California info: http://la.darkdining.com/

Read the Review of When In Rome:


Article by Crystal A. Johnson, Film and Restaurant Critic

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