Dinner and A Movie: Best Football Films

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, MCCN’s film critic has picked some of the best football movies to help mentally prepare you for the big game on February 7th. So get ready, get in the mood with our movie food matches by a comfort food critic and go through our list of football faves:

Brian’s Song
It’s hard to not cry during this touching and very true film. Starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams as Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers respectively. The film follows Piccolo as he becomes fast friends with Sayers before finding out that he is dying. Both Caan and Williams give great performances that stand out amongst their early work.-

Dinner: for old time sake a TV Dinner.  Come on, transport yourself to the 70’s. No fuss just sit back and enjoy the movie. These days there are new spins to the classic meal.

We Are Marshall
Matthew McConaughey and McG the director combined deliver their best work of the 2000’s. The film follows the rebuilding of the Marshall football team after a devastating plane crash in which a majority of the team and coaching staff were killed. McConaughey plays the coach who volunteers to coach the team and attempts to console the campus after tragedy. Dinner: Traditional Mexican chili is simmered beef chunks, spicy and seasoned, served seperately from the beans.

Remember the Titans
Remember the Titans is a touching story about racial divide and the desegregation of a suburban Virginia high school. Denzel Washington leads a strong cast in this 2000 drama. Future stars Ryan Gosling, Kate Bosworth, and Hayden Panettiere make an appearance, but the true star is the touching story and the triumph of friendship over social divides.  Dinner: Considering that the film centers on a college football team, go with milkshakes and hamburgers. Even Denzell Washington ate those foods to gain 40 pounds in Pelham 123.

See the Rest of the listing at: http://multiculturalcookingnetwork.com/dinner-and-a-movie/item/278-gridiron-tales.html

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