Shovel out of Winter Weight Gain!

Keeping you from your fitness goals are a series of obstacles which pile up like the amount of snow this winter. Thanksgiving and all the big winter holidays are gone.  Snow-storms after snow-storm and torrential rainfalls have hit many U.S. states. Frigid temperatures don’t inspire walking  to the car much less driving in bad weather to get to the gym.  While at home experiencing the winter blues,  comfort comes in the form of various carbs.   After awhile the comfort food begins to make you uncomfortable with your body when the results are a donut around the waist. As surely as it takes time to shovel your car out of the accumulation, shoveling out of the weight gain mess takes time and can be achieved. Clear the road to weight loss success with small steps.

  • Make your liquids non caloric whether tea, water or diet soda.
  • Low-fat Desserts: Yogurt pie, fruit parfait, and smoothies are great options(add your cultural flair with mango, kiwi, lime, etc)
  • Stock up on Exercise DVD’s.  Have a variety to avoid boredom
  • Wii fit games like boxing
  • Weight train at home.  Make those arms look gorgeous.
  • Soup is a great comfort food.  Avoid high sodium soup and make homemade.
  • Stock up on snacks such as carrots, celery, jicama, nuts and fruits.

Weight Watchers Strawberry Trifle

  • Need the taste of cake: Angel food is lighter.  Use a light whip cream and strawberries.
  • Don’t forget 1 hour of snow shoveling can burn off at least 400 calories!

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Click Trifle Recipe

Article by Crystal A. Johnson


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