Snow Cream Recipe

The cream based variety of Snow Cream is of old lineage. It is known in continental Europe at least as early as the late 15th or early 16th century where it can be found in the Dutch recipe collection now known as KANTL Gent 15.  It has been suggested that “Snow” may be even older than that.

The common ingredients for early recipes is egg whites, cream, rosewater and sugar, whipped until stiff. Other flavouring agents, e.g. cloves or ginger, are also known from various recipes. It is the process of whipping cream until stiff that is often likened to snow as can be seen in passages such as “Beat your cream with a stick until the Snow rises …“.  It was often draped over another item to give the appearance of snow having fallen over the item.-(Wikepedia)

Suggestion by Patsy M. Johnson- She ate this as a child and suggests grabbing the second snowfall not first.  Her mother used evaporated milk for the recipe.

Basic Ingredients can be mixed with purified apples or other fruits.


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