The Multi Cultural Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner Dining At Sunset Marquis Hotel Patio

With back to back movie hits(Valentine’s Day and Twilight series), weeks holding the number one spot on the IMDB meter, Taylor Lautner is fast becoming someone that people want to know about.  And  thus the impolite sounding question comes up, “What is he?”  The first impulse is to say human.  No offense taken. Regarding this popular inquirey, Lautner has gone record with MTV that he is French, Dutch, German, and Native American Ottawa and Potawatomi descent. His mixed ingredients of heritage amounts to a winning recipe because he is certainly the taste of many a young girl’s heart. 

Favorite Foods:

According to a Lautner fan site, steak is his favorite food.  Mexican and Chinese are his favorite types of food.  As for his  ice cream flavor, Cake Batter.

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5 thoughts on “The Multi Cultural Taylor Lautner

  1. hola taylor lautner soy tu fans numero 1 actuas en la pelicula sin escape buenisimo en la guao estas buenisimo soy catherin de venezuela maracay aragua quiero conocerte en la fundacion regional el simon aragua maracay cuando termine grabar la pelicula que trabaje como vigilante o muchacho de red o como profesor makandal calincanto maracay aragua

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