Tea /Garden Party Menu

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I love tea parties.  I throw a garden party every year.  Thus, MCCN is excited about the exposure that Alice in Wonderland is giving to the age old tradition.  Garden parties are great for the spring and often in the winter people hold annual Holiday tea parties.  Enjoy trying out these menus suggestions.  I will note among one of my favorite things on my menu for tea parties is teacakes.  Martinos Bakery in  Burbank, CA is famous for their teacakes.

The traditional menu for a full afternoon tea usually consists of:

•a cup of soup •piece of quiche

•side salad

•tea sandwiches (Cucumber, Watercress, curry chicken)

 •scones •sweets/bite-size desserts

It is your choice to deviate from the traditional menu. Consider the season, available produce, time of day of your event, how much work you want to do, your guests needs, etc., and customize the above menu accordingly. What tea do you plan to serve?

Tea pairs with and compliments food similar to wine. The following teas are the best choices for an afternoon tea event:





 5.Lapsang Souchong



Visit the Tea Party Girl Website for exact pairing of tea with food:


MCCN enjoying a spot of tea with guest

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