Typical Foods of Chile


Breakfast in Chile is regularly a loaf of bread with toppings and coffey or tea. Bread is bought fresh daily from a corner bakery, shop, or a bread salesman that travels around the neighborhood. In El Salvador it instead would be 2 tortillas, beans and coffey. (Some carbohydrates and proteins.) the largest meal of the day is lunch. Which usually has traditional Chilean dishes like Cazuela (a stew), Pastel de Choclo (similar to Shepard pie), or a wide variety of bean dishes. In rural areas, lunch hour means businesses will close. In El Salvador it would be some rice, fruits or vegetables, meat and juice or some tipical food. (Again proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables or fruits.) “Once” is a light meal eaten between 4 and 7 in the afternoon. Often times this is a repeat of breakfast; with bread and sandwich toppings with some tea or coffee a tradition is that men drink their liquor at that time. In El Salvador we don’t have “Once” it is optional, Dinner will be the size of lunch with traditional Chilean food for some families; other families would have a dinner bigger than lunch. In El Salvador there can be some typical food with fruit or vegetable juice or something hot like coffey.

TYPICAL FOOD: 1 Pastel de Choclo, 2 Chilean Salad, 3 Salsa de Cilantro Prebe, 4 Chilean Salsa.

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