North Hollywood: The Eclectic Cafe and Wine Bar

Salmon, Risotto and Mixed Veggies at the Eclectic


The Eclectic Wine Bar and Grille is a staple in the North Hollywood area. Conveniently located on 5156 Lankershim Blvd and near the corner of Magnolia Blvd, it is a great place to stop and eat before or after catching one of the plays at the nearby Theaters. The wide salad selections offerings also make this restaurant worth stopping by for lunch.




Among the appetizers, the baked goat cheese is quite delightful, complimented with capers, sun-dried tomatoes and a baguette . We enjoyed this with a Pinot Grigio. This offering is a great watch to have a light bite after checking out one of the shows nearby.  We also had a chance to try the tuna tartare but it simply didn’t stand out.  The crabcake is tasty; however, I went with two native Marylanders who frowned on the crabcake.  My take is that the crabcake will please most.  There is nothing offensive about the taste.  If one is a privy consumer of the Maryland crabcakes this may not be the choice for you.

Salad Options

The beet salad, Tri-tip steak salad and chicken salad are all winners. Each definitely pleases. The Tri-tip steak is rich with savory flavor and prepared perfectly. Visibly it is a show stopping salad. The beet salad consists of red, candy, and golden roasted beets.

Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb

Main Course

The foodie in me wishes that I could say that my favorite was some other dish but I have to admit the Greek Salad pizza is divine. Being a New Yorker, it is hard to impress us with a good take on pizza.  Although not a guilt free pleasure it comes with great ingredients such as spinach, feta cheese, roma tomatoes, red onions and Kalamata olives. However, my dining companions favored the Salmon with mixed vegetables and risotto. The salmon was slightly crisp and perfectly baked. The New Zealand Rack of Lamb is also a good dinner choice, great presentation.  Although one of my dining companion does not normally eat lamb, she enjoyed it. 


The pineapple cheesecake gets an A for originality. The flavor is not over powering and it strikes a nice balance of classic

pineapple cheesecake

pineapple cheesecake

cheesecake flavor fused with pineapple. The Tirimisu also did not disappoint, it screamed “Have coffee with me!”

Atmosphere: Casual dress but chic artsy decor



North Hollywood: The Eclectic Cafe and Wine Bar


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