Film and Foodie Review: Prince of Persia

The Film: The spotlight is on Jake Gyllenhall as he plays the Prince of Persia based on the video game.  As proved with Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney knows how to expand a story based on not much of anything.  Prince of Persia is shot in an epic style and it likely to please families because of its good clean fun.  At times the film came across as corny due to duties of emulating the video game which include video games like back flips and unbelievable jumps by the leading man. 

 Two of the strongest ingredients of the film are Gyllenhall and Ben Kingsley.  He is a fabulous layered actor who can evoke powerful emotion through his big blue sappy eyes as he plays Prince Dastan.  Kingsley is a joy to watch as a master actor as the King’s brother Nizam.  The two are supported with an engaging cast rounded out with the always entertaining Alfred Molina (Spiderman II, Frida).

In the tradition of Raiders of the Lost and The Mummy, the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time shares the mystical concepts of curses, Gods and snakes; however, the hero is not an archaeologist but a Prince.  His adventure to put all things as they should involves a beautiful mouthy princess (Gemma Atherton) as his pain in the butt. As there learn to be amicable toward each other, they join forces to prevent a Sandstorm which could destroy the world. 

Admittedly, The Prince of Persia has a few surprising twists and turns plus a cool ending.  The audience enthusiastically clapped at the end of show.  Despite finding many moments to be hokey, all in all it is a good film.  The dynamic between as his brothers will most guessing.  The characters are not flat but fleshed out.  Furthermore, Disney deserves high marks for providing a truly family friendly film.   

Food: Our website has a number of great recipe selection from Armenia to Lebanon.  Click here to for the Armenian Bell Pepper Recipe


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