France: History of Rosé Wine

Rose wine originally came from Bordeaux in France which has been traditionally known for its wine making skills. They first became popular just when the World War 2 ended when there was a demand for a medium sweet drink.

Commentary from the Wine Advisor: In one of the many ways in which the world of wine lovers is divided into two parts, we have those who love to sip rosé wine, especially in the summer time, versus those who consider roseé neither fish nor fowl, a weak substitute for red and an odd replacement for white.

I used to be firmly in the “No rosé, José” camp, but in fairness, a couple of summer visits to Provence and a few memorable lunches al fresco gave me a quick attitude adjustment, at least insofar as Provence-style pink wine is concerned, with its crisp, dry, berry and herbal scents and flavors and its great affinity for the food of the country. READ MORE

*The Wine Advisor is a great resource for wine lovers and those who think they can not afford to be a wine lover.  I have been a subscriber for 10 years.- Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor

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