Thin-ternet: The Access to Unhealthy Eating

Healthy body image is something a lot of teens and children need to have for their emotional well being. A healthy body image means that a person feels comfortable in their skin and doesn’t feel like they need to change their bodies to fit a certain image. But unfortunately, some kids and teens don’t have a healthy body image because of the unhealthy images they see on TV or read on the Internet; since it is summer, teens are spending more time on the Internet trying to entertain themselves and pass the time by.

One of the biggest problems teens face today is pro eating disorder websites. These websites are found on such free talk websites like live journal, Blog spot or even MySpace. These websites essentially encourage young people to hide their disorders from trusted friends and family members by showing unhealthy pictures of emaciated women or starving children. Unfortunately, these websites are too easily accessible because it’s all over the Internet. Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can access these websites.

When impressionable teens with a strong desire to keep up with the latest trends of the world see a skinny model, or someone who has been photo shopped beyond what is humanly possible views these distorted images, they may think, I have to look like that. They go onto these websites hoping to find answers and looking for direction.

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder that causes thousands of deaths every year. As a teen or young adult, you can help stop the promotion of these negative body images on these sites by writing to live journal and other pro eating disorder websites and ask them to take down the pictures. Also, if you know someone with an eating disorder, encourage them to contact a trusted adult as soon as possible to get the help they need.

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