Weddings: A Celebrity Summer of Love

Seems like love is in the air, the serious kind which involves tying the knot.  A long list of  A-list stars married this summer including Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keyes to Swiss Beatz, T.I., Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem and Lala Vasquez to Carmelo Anthony.

One of the most fun things about wedding is seeing how a bride or a couple expresses themselves through the ceremony or reception. As seen above, a carriage was used for a real Cinderella style at the recent wedding of T.I..   The guest list was a who’s who Hip Hop/R& B crowd from Monica to Rihanna.

Here is the aisle that the bride walked down

How to Make Meatoaf by Carla Crudup

Carla Crudup grew up in a home infused with the passion for the culinary arts. Under the tutelage of two master chefs — namely, her mother and father — Carla was only 13 years old when she graduated from baking cookies and fruitcakes to preparing lobster and prime rib repasts for family and friends. As a Recipe Developer, Carla has an expertise in creating recipes and has done so for her award winning food column, major food manufacturers (Lender’s Bagels) and national grocery retail chains (Wild Oats which was purchased by Whole Foods market).  Read More About Carla Crudup.

Ackee and Saltfish Recipe

On two separate occasions on the red carpet celebrities with Caribbean roots or relatives fondly expressed a love for Ackee and saltfish.  The beloved food is Jamaica’s national dish.

Since the 1700s people from the island of Newfoundland brought dried and salted cod (salt cod) for the Jamaicans in order to trade for Rum. Salt cod is now one of the main ingredients for ackee and saltfish.

To prepare the dish, salt cod is sautéed with boiled ackee, onions, Scotch Bonnet peppers, tomatoes, and spices, such as black pepper and pimiento. It can be garnished with crisp bacon and fresh tomatoes, and is usually served at breakfast alongside roast breadfruit, hard dough bread, or boiled green bananas.-(Wikipedia)  This recipe is a bit Americanized.  If you want to share your recipe contact us.

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