Maryland Wine Trails

A friend of mine shared with me this article about the Maryland Wine Trails.  Having lived in Maryland, I have always wanted to do the trails but I have visited the Boordy Vineyards and the annual wine festival in Columbia.  My favorite wine is the Wassail, a delight spiced red wine which can be served warm during the holidays.  Also Boordy has a great Celtic Christmas event every December.

Enjoy Learning about Maryland Wineries

Maryland has official wine trails covering five microclimates, from more humid inland areas to the cooler and drier area near the Chesapeake Bay. It’s at the same latitude as Bordeaux, and parts of the state have a rocky soil similar to that of the famed wine region, though the Maryland varietals cover a much larger spectrum.

The wineries range from new buildings erected in former tobacco fields to sprawling waterfront estates. On our trip, we visited wineries on the Frederick, Carroll and Piedmont trails, all located a short distance fromWashington or Baltimore.  READ MORE

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