Latin Wedding: Menu Planning & Traditions

Photo By Armando Estrada

For the history and traditions of Latin Weddings, there is a great website called Worldly Weddings. If you ever find yourself stepping outside the box of your cultural traditions or marrying inter-culturally then Wordly Weddings is the place to go on the web for various cultural norm info.

The Latino wedding reception is family oriented and festive. For the bridal couple’s first dance, guests will gather in a heart-shaped ring at the reception around the couple. Salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, and samba music add a festive Latin flare to the reception. For appetizers, try pasteles, Puerto Rican meat patties, or empanadas, Colombian pastries stuffed with meat and vegetables. Spanish tapas make perfect appetizers. Other must-have dishes include rice and beans, paella, arroz con pollo or chicken with rice, and fried plantains. READ MORE

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