4th Annual Philadelphia Weekly’s Taste of Philly

On Wednesday October 20th , MCCN traveled to the city of brotherly love for the 4th  Annual Philadelphia Weekly’s Taste of Philly.  The 2010 Taste of Philly took place at the Crystal Tea Room at the Wanamaker Building and benefited the Food Trust, an organization that ensures that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food. 

The annual event was home to an energetic crowd that enjoyed the Phillies vs. Giants game along with delectable samples from thirty of Philly’s top restaurants.  Taste buds were treated to authentic Irish cooking from Finn McCools: Ale House and then traveled to Italy to Maggianos Little Italy.  World Café Live combines entertainment with your meal. The menu at World Café Live matches the origin of the band playing that night. 

The 4th Annual Philadelphia Weekly Taste of Philly was done in conjunction with KitchenDaily.com and had top sponsors such as Bacardi, Pinnacle Vodka, Leffe Beer, Pop Chips, American Laser Centers, Mouton Cadet Stravinsky Vodka, Stella Artois, and Hoegaarden beer.

For more information about Food Trust click here.

2 thoughts on “4th Annual Philadelphia Weekly’s Taste of Philly

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