A Mexican New Year’s Menu & Recipes

Trying to put together a New Year’s Menu with rich with Mexican Tradition.  Check out this list below.

  • Tamales with guacamole dressing. This is a traditional dish in Mexico and it takes several hours to prepare.
    Photo by Multiculturalcookingnetwork.com

    Photo by Multiculturalcookingnetwork.com

    There are different types of tamales that can be prepared and you can have a combination of the ones you would like to eat.

  • Frijoles a la charra (beans in a pot). They are a very popular side dish served in Mexico. There are different ways that they can be prepared (different ingredients can be added to make them have a different flavor); it is up to you to decide how you want to cook them.
  • Menudo. This is a Mexican soup served before, after, or during the meal. It can also be eaten the morning after the New Year’s celebration, because it can cure any hangovers that one might have.
  • Buñuelos. They are a very popular dessert in Mexico; especially made during this holiday. It is a, fried, sweet tortilla that will leave you wanting more.

Image from Photobucket

  • Pan de campo. It is a, famous, sweet type of bread served as a dessert that the Mexican culture prepares during this holiday.

Learn about some of the non -food related traditions


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