Books for Mom

Some moms appreciate a good cookbook especially one that combines celebrating their culture or exploring a new one.  Some moms simply just want to curl up with a good book.  Here are a few picks.

For the New Mom:

Poems for Benjamin captures the new mom’s journey.  In the words of author Rose Hester Lavenburg, ” I was inspired to write the book when I saw all the wondrous possibilities in my newborn son which could be expressed in words. The poems “Patches” and “First Day Home” make references to the time-honored tradition in my (and I’m sure many others’) family of creating clothes and blankets for the newborn child.”

For the Mom Who Loves Tea:

Take your pick because Elizabeth Knight has a number of great books on Tea and the most fabulous tea you may ever taste called Friendship Blend.  I strongly suggest you purchase the tea too.  Tea and the City is a guide to tea houses and places to shop for tea in New York.  Also Check out  the books, Celtic Tea with Friends and Tea with Friends.

Cookbook Suggestions

Try using these Amazon promo codes to save money on these and other cookbooks.

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