Black Rodeo Tour Schedule 2011

Certainly Bill Pickett is one of those colorful characters in the history of Wild West Shows and rodeos. And, therefore, he was inducted into the Rodeo Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, in 1971, the first black rodeo athlete to be so honored.  The Black Rodeo A Taste of Passion” Tour will be in Oakland, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Kansas City, MO so grab you partner gitty up and go!  The Championship will take place in Washington DC.

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Travel: Where to Dine in Myrtle Beach


As soon as Memorial Day  hits, Myrtle Beach is one of the favorite destinations for USA East Coast folks.  It is very family oriented.  Off of Kings Highway there are rides.    There are lots of theaters. There are no shortage of seafood restaurants and especially seafood buffets.

I dined at a restaurant which looks like a house called the Sea Captain Restaurant.  I order the seafood platter consisting of small tasty hush puppies, flavorful fried oysters, flounder and shrimp.  All the seafood tastes fresh.   My dining companion ordered the Lemon Curd pie for dessert.  This is a restaurant with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. – Report from Patsy Johnson of Norfolk, VA.



Sea Captain Restaurant Website:

Foodie Vacation Destination- Savannah, Georgia

Event Planning: Table Talk

Everyone does the same thing when planning an evening for family and friends, board games, takeout and a movie. Well I’m going to give you some great advice on how to turn the evening into a fun and festive event.  The theme of the evening will be “Table Talk”.  Table Talk is a game where your guests will write down three topics that they would like to talk about, you will put the topics into a hat and then set the timer. Each person will get a chance to pick a topic and each discussion will last for twenty minutes.  This will crate a diverse and interesting evening. READ MORE

About Puerto Rican Playwright Miguel Piñero

The Early Years-Piñero was born on December 19, 1946 in Gurabo, Puerto Rico to Miguel miguel_pic3b1eroAngel Gomez Ramos and Adelina Piñero. In 1950, when Miguel was four, he moved with his parents and sister Elizabeth to Loisaida (or Lower East Side) in New York. His father abandoned the family in 1954 when his mother was pregnant with their fifth child. His mother then moved into a basement and began receiving welfare. He attended four different schools, three public and one parochial. He would steal food for his family to eat. His first of what would be many criminal convictions was at the age of eleven for theft. He was sent to the Juvenile Detention Center in the Bronx and also to Otisville State Training School for Boys. He joined a street gang called “The Dragons” when he was 13, and when he was 14 he was hustling in the streets.  READ MORE

In 1972, when Piñero was 25 years old, he was incarcerated in Sing Sing prison for second-degree armed robbery. His first literary work was Black Woman with a Blonde Wig On. Marvin Felix Camillo, the director of The Family, an acting troupe made up of ex-cons, submitted the poem to a contest, which it won. The warden of Sing Sing then became concerned that “contraband” was being taken from the prison and nearly put Camillo in jail after seeing an article in the newspaper. While serving time in prison, he wrote the play Short Eyes as part of the inmates playwriting workshop. Mel Gussow came to see it, and due to his review in the New York Times, the director of the Theater at Riverside Church wanted Piñero to put it up at his place.

The play was nominated for six Tony Awards. It won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and an Obie Award for the “best play of the year”. The play was also a success in Europe. It catapulted Piñero to literary fame. Short Eyes was published in book form by the editorial house Hill & Wang. It became the first play written by a Puerto Rican to be put on Broadway.

In the 1970s, Piñero co-founded the Nuyorican Poets Café (“New York-Puerto Rican”) with a group of artists, one of which, Miguel Algarín, would become one of his best friends. The Cafe is a place for performance of poetry about the experience of being a Puerto Rican in New York.

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Festival Globetrotting: Shakespeare Performances

Some version of Shakespeake in the Park exists in several parts of the world but here are few locations that you don’t want to miss:

New York: Shakespeare in the Park

Los Angeles (Topanga Canyon) Shakespeare at the  Theatricum Botanicum

Spain: Santa Sussana Shakespeare Festival



Irish American Food Pioneers, The McDonald Brothers

Richard James “Dick” McDonald (February 16, 1909 – July 14, 1998) and his brother, Maurice James “Mac” McDonald (November 26, 1902 – December 11, 1971) were early American fast food pioneers, who established the first McDonald’s restaurant at 14th and E street in San Bernardino, California in 1940.  They introduced the “Speedee Service System” in 1948.

The McDonald family were of Irish origin. In the US Federal Census of 1910, both brothers (Maurice as “Morris”) appear in Manchester ward 8, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, and their father Patrick J. McDonald is shown as originating from Ireland, having emigrated in 1877 as a baby. Their mother Margarete is also shown as Irish born, emigrating to the USA in 1884 as a child

Originally coming from a low class family in Manchester, New Hampshire, the McDonald brothers began franchising their restaurant chain in 1953, beginning in Phoenix, Arizona with Neil Fox. The brothers goal was to make 1 million dollars before they were fifty. At first, they only franchised the system, rather than the name and atmosphere of their restaurant. It has been said[by whom?] that when Richard went to check on Fox, he was shocked to see an exact replica of his San Bernardino store, right down to the name “McDonald’s”. When he asked Fox why he had kept the same design and name, rather than calling the restaurant “Fox’s,” Fox said “Why change it? It’s great as it is”.[cite this quote] From then on, the brothers started franchising the entire concept.

The McDonald’s Museum, Des Plaines, Illinois in the style of an original McDonald’s

Franchised McDonald’s Restaurants were built to a standard design, created by Fontana, California architect Stanley Clark Meston and featuring the Golden Arches. In the early days, there were literally two arches, one on each side of the building. The arches were lined with pink neon that flashed sequentially. The second franchised restaurant opened in Saginaw, Michigan in 1953. The third franchised restaurant was opened in Downey, California the same year. As of 2010, the Downey restaurant remains the oldest surviving McDonald’s franchise.[citation needed] Additional franchises were granted for stores in Azusa, Pomona and Alhambra, California in 1954.

In 1954, Ray Kroc, who was a milkshake machine salesman at the time,  became inspired by the evident financial success of the brothers’ concept, immediately grasping the restaurants’ enormous potential. He partnered with the brothers, and within a few years turned their small idea into the huge franchise that would become the McDonald’s Corporation.  The franchiser took only 1.9 percent of the gross sales, of which the McDonald brothers got 0.5 percent.

Kroc became

Chef Gordon Ramsay”C Yourself” With More Birthdays

Showtime’s “The Big C” and the American Cancer Society have partnered to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays! Celebrities supporters including Colbie Caillat, David Duchovny, Dave and Odette Annable,  Julie Benz, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Parker Posey, Hunter Parrish, Tyler Labine, Francois Arnaud, Kevin Nealon, Simone I. Smith,  Genevieve Farrell among others have joined the campaign to encourage fans to “C Yourself” with More Birthdays! For each “C” uploaded, Showtime will donate $5 to the American Cancer Society!

You can “C Yourself” with More Birthdays at

L.A. Becomes First Big School District To Ban Chocolate Milk


In the battle for nutrition bragging rights, Los Angeles has beat New York — at least when it comes to scratching chocolate milk and other less-healthful items from the school lunch menu.

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