How to Choose Red Wines for Summer

One thing I recognize more immediately during the summer months is just how much red wine raises your temperature.  First of all it is typically served at room temp, not refrigerated or chilled in any way.  While at a party recently, the conversation went into a full blown red wine discussion.  Sometimes people have a hard time moving past the basic wine lesson of pairing red with meats and white with poultry. I applaud most for knowing the basics.     However, after the 101 course of wine knowledge there is a 102.  We’ve covered that before here on Multi Cultural Cooking Network (Click Here).

On this 100 degree day the host of party mentioned how more guests were opting for white wine. He seemed a bit surprised.  I said “Red wine raises your temperature. ”  He replied “…but red wine goes with meats.”   Then I added how despite all the wine snobs out there White Zinfandel and Rose are another way to go for summer picks.  Thus, after our conversation I knew I needed to dig deeper because people will continue feel the need for appearance sake to hold a glass of red wine or provide red wine because it looks more classy.  My suggestion for future hosts of parties, cookouts and other events comes with a little help from the  highly respected Gayot Guide.  They have some tips on Red wines which can be chilled.  When your guest looked shocked you can tell them with confidence what you know about the red wines defying the standard rules.  Moreover, you will look so smart in the process.  (Click Here For Chilled Red Wine Tips)

Written by Crystal A. Johnson, Editor


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