LA Street Food Fest 2011 Winners

MCCN attended the Los Angeles Street Food Festival.  The much talked about closure of the 405 profoundly effected the turnout for the event but even without super large crowds it was clear the logistics for the event were in order.  I enjoyed it much better than last year.  MCCN’s Chef Jay Bonilla was a newby to the event.   He not only enjoyed the food and drinks but  he appreciated the open  festival atmosphere.  Popular trucks such as Fry Smith and the Grilled Cheese truck were on the scene.  The Dim Sum Truck surprised me with their Cheeseburger dumpling.  The incredible sauce ties the dumpling experience together.  Great Balls on Tires.  The ribs and mac & cheese in fried ball was like dinner in one bite.  SedThee Thai continued to spice it up with Great flavor.  The Naan Stop truck served up Samosas with potato marinated in curry.  Check our this year winners and our event video:


Best in Show

Javier Plascencia / Mision 19 / Smoked Oyster Asada  w/ Chicharron and Sea Beans

 Best Old School Street Food

Antojitos Carmen / Huitlacoche Huarache

 Best Nouveau Street Food

Ricardo Zarate / Peruvian Cau Cau

 Best Original Showmanship

La Guerrerense / Sea Urchin Tostadito with Pismo Clam

 The Sweet Tooth

Bulgarini Gelato



Javier Plascencia / Mision 19 / Smoked Oyster Asada w/ Chicharron and Sea Beans

Honorable Mentions

2nd Place – Mariscos Jalisco / Taco Dorado de Camaron

3rd Place – Naan Stop / Samosas

4th Place (three way tie) – Seoul Sausage, Starry Kitchen and Great Balls on Tires

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