LA Affiliate Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Cedric the Entertainer and Kelly Price join together for Free Concert at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.

Susan G. Komen Logo

As part of the BHCP Live! Summer Concert Series at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Promenade, the LA Affiliate of Susan G Komen of the Cure will join NAACP Image Award Winner, Cedric the Entertainer in hosting a free live show and meet and greet with Grammy nominated, multi-platinum singer Kelly Price on Wednesday August 31st, 2011 at 7:00P.M.  This special event is a part of the Komen LA’s initiative to lower breast cancer statistics in the African American community by raising awareness of free services for early detection screenings. Statistics show that twice as many African American women die from the late stages of cancer than Caucasian women and 98 percent of women who detect breast cancer in its early stages survive.

Kelly Price, personally affected by breast cancer in which both mother and mother-in-law were diagnosed within two months of each other, is a strong supporter of breast cancer awareness and serves as an official Circle of Promise Ambassador. Following the concert, Price will host a meet and great and invite attendees to sign up for the Susan G Komen Circle of Promise; a movement that engages African American women to help end breast cancer forever by increasing awareness, support, empowerment and action.

The Los Angeles County Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® distributing more than $9 million to fund breast cancer programs and research since 1996, will have an information tent for guests interested in free health screenings offered in the community during the concert series.

For more information about the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Los Angeles County Affiliate, visit  or call 310-575-3011.

Mark, Donnie Wahlberg teaming up to open Wahlburgers

Mark Wahlberg and brothers Donnie and Paul are opening up a hamburger restaurant named Wahlburgers.  The restaurant had been in the plans for sometime, but a few months ago, a wrench was thrown into the works.

Top 10 Tips for Packing Light (Adventure Vacation)

I have a done a great bit of traveling.  I used work on the road, a life of going from hotel to hotel.  Additionally, I have gone on a mission trip the plane is so small you and your luggage get weighed together.   Yet true wisdom in some cases still eludes me on  packing light.    -Crystal J, MCCN Editor.



Thus, let’s take some direction from the Travel Dudes:

1. Determine a neutral color to work with.  Whether it be black, brown, grey, or even Navy, the best way to pack light is to choose a neutral and build a travel wardrobe around that.  (This includes shoes)

2. Choose complimentary items to go with them. Make sure that all of your tops work with all of your bottoms and that all of your bottoms go with your shoes. Whatever doesn’t match doesn’t make the cut!

3. Pack light layers.  You should have base layers, mid weight pull overs, and something wind and water proof.  You want to be able to shed or add layers as needed. (Don’t forget your fingers and toes: make sure you have enough (an appropriate) socks, and a lightweight pair of gloves!)

4. Make sure items are multifunctional.  Don’t pack anything that is activity specific.  If you can only wear it for one thing take it out of the bag!  If you can bike in a pair of shorts, you should be able to hike in them as well.

5.  Don’t pack anything you don’t want to loose.  Your brand new jacket, grandmothers pearls, even a very nice wedding ring should be left at home.  Replace the ring with a simple, non-sentimental, band. Don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing your nicest, fanciest, items.

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Auckland Hosts Rugby World Cup 2011

Auckland is the first New Zealand city to welcome the world’s teams here to play for Rugby World Cup 2011.

As the hub of the Tournament Auckland will host 15 matches at Eden Park and North Harbour Stadium, including the opening match, nine pool games, both Semi-finals and the Final.

In the first week of September Auckland will turn-on team welcome and capping ceremonies with Maori cultural performances and entertainment for Japan, France, New Zealand, Tonga and Australia.

Eight teams – including Fiji, England, Japan, France, Samoa, Namibia, Tonga and Australia – will enjoy a public welcome ceremony on arrival at Auckland Airport.

Fans will have the extra opportunity to see the teams from Tonga, Australia, France, Fiji and Samoa in action as they train at several Auckland grounds throughout September.

Auckland is geared-up to make sure both fans and the teams themselves enjoy the best of Auckland and experience the diversity of the region.

The excitement will kick-off on Friday 9 September with a free opening night celebration on Auckland’s waterfront, featuring a 600-strong haka, music from Kiwi artists and the largest fireworks display New Zealand has ever seen.

The action off the field will continue, with four public Fanzones and a programme of Kiwi-themed activities and events running throughout the six-week Tournament.

Get a taste of New Zealand near Washington, DC at Cassatts -Kiwi Cafe

10 Foods That Eliminate Bad Breath

Are you or someone you care about the one  who forces people around you to block  because of bad breath?   Maybe you do not want to go down the road to bad breath.  Here is a listing of 10 foods which can help eliminate bad breath.

    • Apples-Whether the bad breath is due to the garlic dip you had at lunch or it is just morning breath, apples always work. Apples brush against the bacteria on your teeth and also help to remove food particles that are clogged inside, causing stale breath. Best way to consume: Sliced apple pieces.
    • Mint Leaves-Just like apples, chewing on mint leaves will give your mouth an instant refreshment. They will make your breath smell fresh and clean. Best way to consume: Garnish anything you eat with lots of mint leaves.


The Order of What to Eat While Waiting Out a Hurricane

First, while it may seem obvious, it is important to eat the food from your fridge first, the freezer next, and after that move on to foods you may have stocked in your pantry. Do not discard frozen and refrigerated foods right when the power goes out. I was surprised to learn that foods from a well-stocked freezer will last up to 48 hours!

Second, make sure you have a manual can opener. Although it seems obvious, it is easy to forget that your electric can opener will not work. READ MORE

Los Angeles Times: The Taste

From Rodeo Drive to The Studios at Paramount to Downtown L.A., The Taste is a four-day food and wine extravaganza, celebrating all things epicurean. This unprecedented event will showcase a star-studded cast of celebrity chefs at nine signature events over Labor Day weekend.

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Tokyo Marathon Deadline Approaching

The Tokyo Marathon is one of Japan’s most popular road races and one of the largest city marathons in Asia.  Although the Tokyo Marathon is still developing as an event and has a shorter history than the world’s great marathons in London, Berlin, New York City, Chicago and Boston, it has been recognized since 2010 as a Gold Level marathon by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).  Tokyo Marathon’s reputation continues to grow and the number of applicants is rising steadily with an oversubscription rate of 9.6.

In March this year, Tokyo was temporarily affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, but now the city is back on its feet and welcoming many visitors from around the world.  We are delighted that now, thanks to the wonderful support and commitment we have received from everyone involved in the Tokyo Marathon, we are in a position to move forward with our preparations for the 2012 event. (Read More)

Charity Dinner Competition on Hell’s Kitchen

American Cancer Society donors, volunteers as well as celebrity supporters Josie Loren from ABC Family’s “Make It Or Break It”, and Nelsan Ellis and Nondumiso Tembe of HBO’s “True Blood” attended the first ever VIP Charity Dinner at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen!  The charity episode is airing Monday, Aug 29th (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. 

With just six chefs remaining, Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge to make 3 dishes in less than 30 minutes. The winning team celebrates in high  style going on a lavish shopping spree while the losing team is left behind to prep for that night’s dinner service, a special Black Tie Charity Event.  During dinner service HELL’S KITCHEN welcomes guests from the American Cancer Society and the American Humane Association in the first ever VIP Charity Dinner.  Tune in to see which contestants wind up on the chopping block after an intense dinner sevice in the all-new “6 Chefs Compete” episode of HELL’S KITCHEN airing Monday, Aug. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.