Cafe Lalo Patisserie

Photo Credit: BradKellyPhoto


After a night at the movies or a nice refreshing walk in the city Café Lalo Patisserie is the perfect place to stop and slow down.  Located on W. 83rd st. in New York City, this quaint café has been featured in the hit romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail, and for 23 years has been an inviting place for patrons to come and partake of its European interior and mouth watering yet healthy menu.  The breads, whip cream, and sauces are all made in house.


Upon entering the restaurant I felt as though I walked into an adult version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Pies, cakes, cookies, oh my! Before even reviewing the menu my mind began running wild about what I would sample.  The counter is a display of a cornucopia of desserts and the finest coffee, cappuccinos, and espressos, however don’t be fooled Café Lalo is more than desserts and coffee.  

I began my meal with fresh organic steamed eggs which consisted of Bulgarian feta cheese with olives and fresh mixed herbs, the eggs are prepared without oil or butter.  Although this meal is usually served with two sides we were served all three.  The sides included Roasted Potatoes, Tuscan Salad, and Mediterranean Salad.   I’ve never tasted steamed eggs before and was not sure what to expect, the eggs were a little rubbery to me however the addition of the olives, feta, and herbs added great flavor.    The sides also are a great compliment to eggs.  Each side stood out with out clashing with each other or out doing the main dish. 

Moroccan Delight

Next I moved on to the Moroccan Delight which I was told by café manager Fernanda Alves is a top brunch favorite.  The Moroccan Delight is three boiled eggs sliced and toped with a sauce made of tomatoes, tri color bell peppers, garlic, jalapeno, extra virgin olive oil and fresh mixed herbs served with whole wheat pita bread with a side of sliced cucumbers.  A lover of spicy foods I enjoyed this dish immensely; it had just the right amount of kick with out being unbearable.  And a side note, the pita bread comes in both wheat and white and is made in house.   

Chocolate Raspberry Delight and Chocolate Lava cake

 Now it was time to satisfy my sweet tooth, and for all of you that suffer from sweet toothitis know that I did you proud.  I enjoyed a cake called the Chocolate Raspberry Delight that was rich and smooth.  The chocolate delight was served with fresh raspberries, homemade raspberry sauce and whip cream, and yes the whip cream is also made in house.  Next came Café Lalo’s signature Chocolate Lava cake, a decadent chocolate cake with warm chocolate lava inside, topped with mint leaves and chocolate sticks, surrounded by again homemade raspberry sauce.  I soon moved on to a slice of Key Lime Pie, which was tangy with a light cookie crust, and a Banana Cheesecake.  There is nothing else to say about the cheesecake except Yummmmm;  with a texture that melted in my mouth, topped with chocolate drizzle, and real bananas spilling out what else is there to say. 

Don’t drink coffee, cappuccinos, or espressos? Café Lalo has a menu full of champagne cocktails

Lalo Paradise

and cold drinks to pair with your meal.  I was treated to a Lalo Paradise, what is a Lalo Paradise? I’m glad you asked.  The Lalo Paradise is a healthy drink made from fresh tropical fruits including mango, papaya, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, banana, and cantaloupe.


 Café Lalo Patisserie is a great spot for brunch and for those that enjoy soothing jazz and classical music.  With a schedule that begins at 8AM and doesn’t close until 4AM early birds, late night owls, and everyone in between can be part of the Café Lalo experience.  You can also purchase a Café Lalo memorabilia to make your friends green with envy.




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