Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Cake & Details

The big event has finally come and gone.  The extravagant “royal wedding” between Kim Kardashian and basketball star Kris Humphries took place yesterday at a close friend’s mansion just outside Los Angeles in front of over 450 guests.  Kim had three wedding gowns, but during the nuptials she wore an ivory Vera Wang strapless ballgown with a full tulle skirt and basque waist with handpieced Chantilly lace applique on the bodice and train. Her glittering accessories included a jeweled head piece atop her veil. READ MORE

Cafe Lalo Patisserie

Photo Credit: BradKellyPhoto


After a night at the movies or a nice refreshing walk in the city Café Lalo Patisserie is the perfect place to stop and slow down.  Located on W. 83rd st. in New York City, this quaint café has been featured in the hit romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail, and for 23 years has been an inviting place for patrons to come and partake of its European interior and mouth watering yet healthy menu.  The breads, whip cream, and sauces are all made in house.

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2nd Annual New York City International Film Festival August 18th-24th


The 2nd Annual New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) comes to Manhattan and with it movies from around the world. NYCIFF introduces the creative works of emerging and established filmmakers to a broad but unique audience.  Affluent New Yorkers, and the general public will be able to experience and enjoy independent, creative films.   NYCIFF promotes for 11 days New York City’s Theater District and Times Square as the cradle of cutting edge entertainment, and opens the doors of  NYC to an eclectic, international and national, group of the filmmaking community.

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The Hunky Healthy Multi-Cultural Jason Mamoa


Jason Momoa—what an absolute gorgeous sight to see.  The part Hawaiian and German man star is on the path to great things including landing the role of Aquaman.   How does the Justice League’s Aguaman stay healthy and fit for his roles?  Inquiring fans want to know!  The Hawaiian native and former model, revealed that his fitness routine includes going to the gym, bike riding, rock climbing and kayaking to stay fit. He’s quite the outdoorsman! His upcoming role definitely suits him well.  Read More and See More of this former Baywatch Babe in a Bathing Suit.

When asked about how he got in shape for Stargate Atlantis he admitted working out at the gym regularly.  However, “…once we start rolling, everything dissipates, so by the end of the year, I am all ’Ugggh!’ until they come in and say, ‘Ummm, you are supposed to be the bulk of the show!’ then I would go to the gym. It is a good thing I don’t have to take my shirt off. I am so excited to wear clothes. I hate taking my shirt off!”

Mamoa is Married to Lisa Bonet

Cooking With Olive Oil- Knowing the Right Temperature

Recently, I had a conversation with a group of friends about roasting asparagus with olive oil, not realizing all the twists and turns our conversation would have.  My dear friend Ann who knows everything about what Dr. Oz(See Q&A) has to say about things, warned about roasting food with olive oil.  Thus, I had to research this more after all I only the editor of a cooking website.  I stumbled upon a blog which seem to share the same info that was shared with me.  Read Below. 

George Mateljan  has written 5 books on healthy eating, including The World’s HealthiestFoods

While preparing for a Chicago Cooking Show, the author share with the producer, “You never want to let olive oil get hotter than 200-250 degrees,” he warned as he poured it into a pan for our taped cooking segment.
When you first put room temperature olive oil into a pan, it’s green and vibrant- filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants.  But as the temperature rises, all those nutrients are literally burned out of the oil, along with the color, and toxic fumes start to rise from the pan.
“People are inhaling this smoke every day when they think it’s being healthy, but in reality, the smoke from heated olive oil is full of toxins,” George tells me.
So what’s a home chef to do??!!
“Use an oil that can take the heat,” he explains.
“Like canola oil?”  I ask.
“Use safflower oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil.  You can find all of those in the supermarkets today,” he suggests.
George spent 10 years doing research before launching his World’s Healthiest Foods book, so I trust he knows what he’s talking about.
So does this mean no more olive oil?  Not a chance.  Research says that by ingesting more olives,
“I drizzle olive oil on just about everything,” says George.  “After I’ve cooked my meal, I put it on fish, vegetables, whatever you make- it’s like adding a handful of nutrients and vitamins to every dish.”

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5 Healthy School Lunch Tips

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice taste or nutrition in your kid’s school lunch. The key is to limit saturated fat and sugar. Cookies and French fries are not every day foods but treats that should be eaten sparingly. Instead, you want to incorporate some protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates in every meal. Adding fiber as well will keep kids feeling full and give them the energy they need to focus throughout the school day.

As a mother of three I too am on a quest to create healthy meals that will give my kids energy, taste great, and gets me bang for my buck. Check out my easy tips and recipes that are both mom and kid-approved.

Buy Generic
Generic brands can save you a lot! Typically, generic brands are labeled as the store brand. Whether it’s canned, bagged or frozen, the product usually contains the same exact nutritional value as the name brand.


Peachtree Village International Film Festival 2011 Thursday 18 August — Sunday 21 August 2011

Established in 2006, the core mission of the PVIFF is to promote cultural diversity within the arts. Through its film showcases and programming, it annually introduces the top echelon of emerging artists to the film and television industry.

The Opening Night for this year’s festival will include a special VIP screening at the Woodruff Arts Center of the highly anticipated drama, “Things Fall Apart,” starring 50 Cent, Ray Liotta, Lynn Whitfield and Mario Van Peebles. The PVIFF will also devote special screenings and events to celebrate the 20th anniversaries of urban film classics, “Jungle Fever” and “New Jack City”.

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

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Weddings: International Jumping the Broom Tradition

Jumping the Broom is a tradition that is used universally to signify the commitment between a marriage couples. Let’s explore the history and how different cultures jump over the broom.

The European Tradition: Jumping over the broom during a wedding is a centuries-old tradition in European culture. There are several variations of the ceremony among the Welsh, Celtic, Druid and the Romani people. Although the actual origin of this tradition is in debate, Wales was the first known place where jumping over the broom during a wedding occurred. The Romani Gypsies were considered the people who started the broom jumping custom. (READ MORE -African American Tradition)

Ikea Features Swedish Favorites

Who would ever think a furniture store would help to popularize foods of a region?  Ikea offers the Swedish Meatball and a sparkling Lingonberry beverage which are among the most popular item but they even have a Swedish Market.


Lingonberry jam (Swedish: lingonsylt, Norwegian: tyttebærsyltetøy, Estonian: pohlamoos, Finnish: puolukkahillo) is a staple food in Scandinavian cuisine. Because lingonberries are plentiful in the forested areas of the inland, the jam is easy to prepare, has good keeping qualities and lots of vitamin C, it has always been very popular with traditional dishes such as kroppkakor, pitepalt, potato cake, kåldolmar, mustamakkara and black pudding. Today, it is served as jam, for instance with oven-made thick pancakes, as well as a relish with meat courses such as meatballs, beef stew or liver dishes; regionally even with fried herring.

The Beautiful Frieda Pinto of India

The beautiful Frieda Pinto made quite an impression when the world laid eyes on her in Slumdog Millionaire, for which she won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.   Although she has been constantly working, the newest installment of Planet of the Apes may help to propel her stardom.  She was already in the public eye in her homeland of India hosting a travel show in English.

Wikipedia- Freida Pinto was born on 18 October 1984 to a Mangalorean Catholic family in Mumbai.  Her mother, Sylvia, is a principal of St John’s Universal High School (Goregaon), and her father, Frederick, is a senior branch manager at the Bank of Baroda. Her older sister Sharon is an associate producer for the NDTV news channel.  Pinto dreamed of becoming an actress since she was five years old.

Her Passion for Food 

According to, “I love Italian cuisine. My palate is pleased by seafood risotto with porcini mushrooms. Besides that I love my Manglorean seafood dishes and the sukha chicken.”   Her favorite sweets, ” Rasmalai… yummy! I also love dark chocolate.”  She is very much from Mumbai and loves, Mahesh Lunch Home, Apoorva, Basilico, White, and Mezzo Mezzo.

  • Random Notes- The actress expresses her love of cultures through dance, trained in Indian Classical dance and Salsa. 
  • The surname “Pinto”, is a Portuguese surname meaning “Chick” (little bird). The Portuguese were the first European colonizers and settlers of India, arriving in 1497.

Learn about her real life beau and her onscreen love of Slumdog Millionaire, Dev Patel.