Oatmeal Face Mask Recipes

We very rarely touch on beauty regimins at MCCN but it has always been an aspiration of mine to slowly bring in various natural and food based regimes of various cultures.  According to Natural Home Remedies for Life, “Even as long as 4000 years ago people already knew about the skin soothing and other skin care properties of oatmeal.”

Oatmeal is useful in several ways for the skin. It is often used to make face masks and other skin care products. Usage of oatmeal face mask helps you to stay away from several skin ailments and also adds glow to your skin. Also, this face mask enhances the texture of the skin and makes it plain and even. If your skin is damaged due to sunburn, it can be cured effectively with oatmeal bath. Below are some oatmeal face mask recipes and their uses. 

SEE RECIPES For Oatmeal Facial Masks

Oatmeal and Banana Facial Mask Video

Post by Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor

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