Simple Pasta Salad Recipe

Keisha Taylor is co-owner of Sweets at Midnight a New York baker best known for their delicious
and eye catching cupcakes. But you don’t have to take our word for it SaM was awarded The 2012 People’s Choice Award at this year’s NYC Cup Cake Wars Part 2.

Keisha Taylor(l)co-owner Sweets at Midnight and her mother Kathy.

Kathy’s Simple Pasta Salad Recipe


1. 1lb Tri Color Pasta (boiled and cooled)


2. ½ red, green, yellow/orange pepper (julienned)


3. ½ small red onion (julienned)


4. 2 ripe vine red tomato (sliced)


5. ½ tablespoon oregano (dried)


6. 8oz. crumbled feta cheese


7. 12 oz. low fat Italian Dressing (regular is fine as well)


8. ¾ cup olives (type depends on your taste)


9. Salt & Pepper to taste


10. Parsley to garnish


1. Combine dressing and oregano in a medium bowl – set aside In a large bowl.


2. Mix ½ pasta, onion, peppers, and half tomatoes in bowl, toss using your hands until the onions and peppers are well distributed.


3. Add olives, and then pour ¾ of the mixture over pasta.


4. toss with large spoon or tongs. Add feta cheese and toss.


5. Add remaining dressing, toss lightly, add remaining tomatoes, dash of oregano and parsley to garnish and salt and pepper to taste.


**Roasted or baked chicken is a great compliment to salad. Remove skin, cube, and add chicken, toss and enjoy**

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