Chocolate Works NYC

Are you a fan of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory? Or envy Lucy and Ethel’s day of labor making chocolates?  Then do we have a workshop for you…and oh yeah…and for the kids.

Forrest Gump said it best “Life is like a box of chocolates” and Chocolate Works NYC  makes it oh so sweet.  Marketing Consultant, Simone Baptiste, sat in on one of Chocolate Works’ Summer Workshops, and need we say–and please forgive the pun–she was like a kid in a candy store.  The kids that took part in making the sweet treats were learning and were enjoying it every step of the way.

The brainchild of Shlomo Avdoo, real estate mogul, and Joseph Whaley, owner of 5th Avenue Chocolatier and master truffle creator, Chocolate Works NYC opened its doors in February 2012 to a crowd of adoring fans shouting “we want chocolate.”  The moment you walk through the doors your senses will go into over drive. From the decadent smell of all things chocolate to the bright colors of various types of candies for dare we say the non-chocolate lovers, Chocolate Works makes it work.  Anything you want they have it in chocolate including duplicates of famous art work.

To keep kids busy and creative this summer, if just for an hour, the  workshops are a great way for them to put their talents to work because the instructor, Natalie Serussi, is excellent with the children. from the putting on of their little aprons and selecting their moldings, to pouring in the chocolate of their choosing and decorating their pieces of work, every child stayed engaged and excited from beginning to end especially MCCNs biggest kid.

To find out more about Chocolate Works NYC or to sign up for a summer workshop visit  Let them know you read about them on The Multi Cultural Cooking Network.

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