Review of Firefly Restaurant – Outer Banks, North Carollina

De Side Menu-Cheesy Grits, Fried Green Beans and Sweet Potato Casserole
Photo by Multi Cultural Cooking Network

Love it when a plan comes together in a restaurant concept, you will find this in Firefly Southern Cuisine Restaurant.  While driving down the main strip in the Outer Banks of North Carolina’s Croatan Blvd, it is easy to see this bright yellow colonial style restaurant .   Once seated, you will find a mason jar with glowing imitation fireflies.  The decor is fun, transporting the imagination into a swamp made out of plastic trees and shrubs.

The down home feel is embraced with the use of mason jars for drinking and delightful southern fusion menu items such as lobster mac & cheese, crab pot pie, fried green beans and more.  I had the De Side Menu item choice which consisted of delicious puffy cheesy grits, crisp green beans with a fiery kick plus a decent sweet potato casserole.  My dining companion enjoyed the crab pot pie but craved for more crab.  I got to try a bit of her dish.  The seafood modestly permeates the pot pie with flavor.  We notice the vegetables seems to be fresh.

Firefly is a bit a fun at the beach and cool date or family night outing. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

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