The Guelaguetza, or the Fiesta of the Mondays on the Hill

The Guelaguetza, or the Fiesta of the Mondays on the Hill are held in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico the last two Mondays of July after the 16th

Photo by Joe Ramirez of So Focused

of the month.

With origins dating back to colonial times, the fiesta is a celebration full of color, music, dance and Guelaguetza, a sharing of the indigenous cultures between the diverse communities of Oaxaca.

Cities and delegations from all over the state send representatives to Oaxaca City to share their particular culture with the thousands of visitors that descend on Oaxaca from around the world for this annual festival.

For many the opportunity to dance and wear the colorful ceremonial outfits of their home cities is one of the highlights of the year.  READ MORE

Chesapeake, VA: Review of Ron’s Hot Dogs

Ron’s Hot Dogs has been around for 33 years, although the décor transports you back to the 50’s diner with its checkerboard floor, round red cushion stoor with metallic base and the olden day menu board.   The restaurant has lots of windows shedding light into the place and
outdoor table too.   Not only is it popular for the hot dog but for breakfast.   My father told me that many of the area businessmen drop in to grab breakfast, hot dogs or a hamburger.

It is a pleasant dining experience.  The service was a bit slow but grub was good.  The portions are not oversized so if you are looking for a hearty burger then get a double.  The expression coined at the restaurant for everything on it is, “all the way.”  The chili dog is your good standard dog.  The hamburgers I am told by servers come fresh from the butcher every day.  It had a clean and not to heavy taste. 

The lunch specials are affordable at about $4.95 for a burger, fries and smalldrink or a North Carolina Barbecue sandwich deal with the same sides.

We finished off lunch with the Chocolate Meringue pie.The  chocolate melts in your mouth.   The Other daily offerings include Boston Cream pie and Lemon Meringue pie.

The restaurant closes early at 3PM. 

Where: 848 Providence Rd, 23325-4204 Chesapeake, VA

Telephone: +1 (757) 523-4829

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Celeb Vanessa Bell Callawoy helps Roland Martin with Dinner Party

It only made sense that Roland Martin, host of Washington Watch and a social media aficionado, would use only technology to invite friends to a private dinner party at the Los Angeles home of actress Vanessa Bell Calloway. The “digital list” of attendees – culled from Martin’s cell phone – included Elise Neal, Jesse Williams, Tracey Edmonds, Salli Richardson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tatyana Ali, Judge Greg Mathis, Robinne Lee, Dondre Whitfield, Tanika Ray, Chris Spencer, Jackee Harry, Bill Duke, Sonja Norwood, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary, Judge Kevin Ross and a host of entertainment and media executives.

If you are scratching your head a bit to place the name with a face.  Take a look at this flashback shot from Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy.

Roland Martin shares, “I grew up in Houston where my family would throw get-togethers just for the fun of it, so this party is what I like to do when I come out to the west coast; I simply do not have enough time to do lunch with everybody,” said Martin. “There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I simply sent out a text message on Thursday and here we are!”

Guests dined on a gourmet meal prepared completely by Calloway. The menu featured slow roasted chicken, “Killer Shrimp” in spicy champagne and garlic sauce, Korean BBQ (photographed below).  Click here to see more photos of the celebs and the food.

Shedding a Little Olympic Light on Boxer Aamir Khan

Obtaining a medal in the Olympic is a great achievement in an athlete career but for the British professional boxer of Pakistani descent carrying the Olympic torch through old neighborhood of Bolton was a thrill of a lifetime.  According to BBC News,  Khan shared, “I think the last boxer to carry a torch was Muhammad Ali, so it’s a great honour for me.”

“I have grown up on these streets and that’s what makes it so special, that this is the town where I was born.”

Ex-world champion Khan, became the youngest British Olympic boxing medallist when he won silver at the 2004 Athens

Review of National Geographic’s “Food Journeys of a Lifetime”

Review by through the book Food Journeys of a Lifetime brought back memories of my time at home when I would meet with my friends once a week, where we would cook an elaborate dinner featuring a different country, or region of the world. What was to become “around the world” night unfortunately ended when I moved to the other side of the state. I’ve always had a fascination and love for exotic and new tastes from different points around the globe.

Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe is a must have for the world traveler. Keith Bellows, the Editor-In-Chief of National Geographic Traveler’s magazine, says in his introduction, “a meal abroad is more than an intake of calories; it’s an exercise in cultural immersion.” The photography included within the pages is spectacular. Almost every page is filled with images from around the world that make your mouth water. The pictures aren’t always of mouth watering food, some are of places one can only dream about visiting: an underwater restaurant in the Maldives, Irish pubs, floating restaurants in Mauritius, and what can only be described as a “dining experience” in a Parisian train station.   READ MORE

Latin Inspired Fruit Paletas/Popsicle Recipes

This photo caught MCCN’s attention when it was posted on Facebook by So Mexican.  Thus we thought we would dig up some recipes that seem to be the logical fruit ingredient and a few extra.  If you are looking for healthy cool and freshing treat,  try these fruit flavor combination.  We threw in one veggie, the Cucumber-Chili Paletas.
Cucumber-Chili-In a blender, combine 3 cups 1-inch chunks peeled, seeded cucumber (1 1/2 lb.); 2/3 cup sugar; 1/3 cup lemon juice; and 1 rinsed, stemmed jalapeño chili (1 to 1 1/2 oz.; remove seeds and veins for less heat). Whirl until smooth. Push mixture through a fine strainer set over a 2-cup glass measure; discard residue.

Fruit Paletas

Banana Recipe


Pineapple Ice Pops (Paletas de Piña ) Recipe

Tamarind-Chile Ice

Kelis, Singer/Saucier

Kelis’s song “Milkshake” may have brought all the boys to the yard in 2003, but these days it’s just as likely to be her haute cuisine that lures admirers.

New York Times Caught up with the Saucier.


How did you get involved in cooking?


Growing up, my mom had a catering business. I used to help her pretty early on and loved doing it. My mom is an amazing cook, and she helped me cultivate a love for food. She taught me that food can be beautiful. We eat not just for survival, but we survive to eat. It’s part of who I am.

Your mother is of Puerto Rican and Chinese descent. What kind of food does she make?

She has vast knowledge of cooking techniques from around the world, even though she is a born New Yorker. As kids, my three sisters and I had very developed palates and ate all kinds of things. She is still a way better chef than I am, and when I’m testing recipes I’ll call her. She trained for a while, but didn’t finish.

But you studied at Le Cordon Bleu, right? What was that like?

My time in culinary school was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I loved the intensity and competition of cooking. It’s a French culinary school, but you learn everything.


Review of Firefly Restaurant – Outer Banks, North Carollina

De Side Menu-Cheesy Grits, Fried Green Beans and Sweet Potato Casserole
Photo by Multi Cultural Cooking Network

Love it when a plan comes together in a restaurant concept, you will find this in Firefly Southern Cuisine Restaurant.  While driving down the main strip in the Outer Banks of North Carolina’s Croatan Blvd, it is easy to see this bright yellow colonial style restaurant .   Once seated, you will find a mason jar with glowing imitation fireflies.  The decor is fun, transporting the imagination into a swamp made out of plastic trees and shrubs.

The down home feel is embraced with the use of mason jars for drinking and delightful southern fusion menu items such as lobster mac & cheese, crab pot pie, fried green beans and more.  I had the De Side Menu item choice which consisted of delicious puffy cheesy grits, crisp green beans with a fiery kick plus a decent sweet potato casserole.  My dining companion enjoyed the crab pot pie but craved for more crab.  I got to try a bit of her dish.  The seafood modestly permeates the pot pie with flavor.  We notice the vegetables seems to be fresh.

Firefly is a bit a fun at the beach and cool date or family night outing. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

Oak and Wine – A Brief History

Happy accidents-Sometimes something great happens by accident. Penicillin. A goal by Emile Heskey. Wine. When grapes are crushed together, in the right circumstances, an alcoholic fermentation will occur which will turn the sugar in the fruit into alcohol. It probably wouldn’t taste very nice, but it would be wine.
With this happy accident comes a problem: how do we best keep the wine? Two solutions were found, clay amphora and palm wood barrels. We don’t really know which came first but in the generations that followed, wood became increasingly popular to the point where clay was no longer used. Although both clay and wood solved the immediate problem of transportation and storage, it was felt that wood, in addition to storing the wine well, actually could improve the quality of the product.  READ MORE