A Little About Aruba

Is the clichéd saying, ‘Aruba is a perfect getaway’ lacking a vital spark?  Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean island about 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela. It is just 20 miles long and six miles wide. The population is around 100,000, with 33,000 residing in the capital city, Oranjestad. The Arawak tribes first inhabited the island. It was later colonized by Spain and has been under Dutch administration since 1636. The economy is mainly based on tourism. It has the best Caribbean beaches with high and low rise hotels and resorts stretching from the Eagle beach to Palm beach.

The island offers alluring resorts, restaurants, bars, casinos, boutiques, amenities and water activities for people of all ages. California lighthouse, Natural Bridge, Old rock cavern, Alto Vista Church and Archeological museum are popular tourist destinations. There is definitely Dutch influence in the buildings especially in the downtown .  However, there is no rich history and architecture to depict the Aruban culture. Though Dutch architecture prevails, the Caribbean colors dominate the buildings. There are variety of shops,restaurants, malls and local boutiques in the downtown. Huge modern shopping malls like Renaissance and market place and Royal Plaza with luxury brands and local tourist Flea Market and petite platform shops are all found in the same locality. Oranjestad is not well connected to the port and there is no adequate facilities for fishing and boating. There is no proper access for visitors to the port. READ MORE


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