About The Snake Cake

We posted this photo above on August 12th, 2014. It’s the Snake that has taken Facebook by storm.  Between amazing ants and the famous cake even Multi Cultural Cooking Network’s numbers have shot up facebook.  Village Voice- No this isn’t a real snake. It’s 100 percent cake. Baker Francesca Pitcher, of the U.K.’s North Star Cakes, posted about the cake on her Facebook page on July 29, and it has since gone viral, doubling her Facebook likes in less than a week.

The realistic snake (a Burmese python with amelanism, to be exact) was sculpted for a child’s birthday. Unfortunately, Pitcher doesn’t ship to the U.S. and is keeping how the snake is made under wraps for now.  See beautiful large photos of her amazing cake here. 

One thought on “About The Snake Cake

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