A World of Knowledge about Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is an Asian American Actress.  Both of Liu’s parents were immigrants from Taiwan and are of Chinese descent. She has been in the public eye since the 90’s.   She was often a scene stealer in Ally McBeal, featured in Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angel’s  and is set to play in the new Sherlock Holmes TV show as Dr. Watson, talk about not type casting.  Watson goes from a White middle age man to an Asian woman.

British Website Metro  caught up with Liu for an interview.  Here are just a few questions and answers we think MCCN fans/Lucy Liu fans will find intriguing.  Click Here for the Full Interview

What’s your favourite food?

Sushi. I eat it all the time because it’s light and you can just run into some place and buy it pre-packaged. It’s finger food, so it’s easy. I’m not a huge soy sauce person. Asian people don’t actually use soy sauce a lot. White people do. They put it everywhere, they treat it like ketchup. You don’t really see Asian people using soy sauce, just so you know.

What about health tips?

Drink lots of water and do Pilates.

Is it also true that you speak six languages?

Yes, but not well. We only spoke Mandarin growing up. When my older sister went to school, we started learning English. I also speak a little Spanish, I’m taking Italian, and I took Japanese and French. I’d love to take an intensive French course so I can become fluent. When you travel as much as I do, it’s so great to be able to go somewhere and understand people. It opens up your world.


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